I have to say, during my five years in undergrad in architecture school and the two years after that working in the practice, triangulating field drawings was something I had always heard about but never actually did. First year undergrad students at IIT had the opportunity of taking an actual surveying class in the school of civil engineering (a class I absolutely regretted not taking), but alas…

Well, I was lucky enough to get a chance to learn how to triangulate in theory and in practice for a project I am working on in documentation (HSPV 601: Research, Recording, and Interpretation II). The task is to essentially measure, document, and recreate in CAD the courtyard between Meyerson Hall and the Fisher Fine Arts Library ( 39°57’6.93″N  75°11’34.25″W).Meyerson Courtyard

And despite my skepticism of achieving acceptable accuracy pulling tape in excess of 100’+, the drawing came out quite accurate (within 3/16″).

It made for quite an interesting drawing overlay as well.

courtyard cad


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