Down the Rabbit Hole I go

rabbit hole

So much going on this semester–too much perhaps? Never.

As part of an independent study I have created this semester, I’ve begun research into writing python components in grasshopper. The study deals with at-risk adobe structures in New Mexico, at the Fort Union National Monument, and developing a methodology for correlating historical climatological data to deterioration reports in the effort to establish patterns of deterioration that may helpful today to assessing the risk these structures face.

I’ve begun toying with the idea, thanks to the help of Professor Mostapha Sadeghipour Roudsair (who is co-sponsoring the study along with Professor Frank Matero), of creating a plugin for grasshopper that incorporates the hygrothermal analysis capabilities of WUFI. What is potentially quite powerful is the ability to recreate past meteorological scenarios (the site has exquisite and meticulous weather data dating back to 1895) and study the pathologies of the structures by cross-referencing historical photos and accounts. Using the same method then, today it would be possible to begin a recording campaign that corresponds real time, onsite weather data with such analysis. And in assessing future risk, it is then possible to predict such pathologies into the future by studying and establishing past and current deterioration mechanisms as they are directly related to climatological factors (wind, precipitation, groundwater rise, etc).

It’s looking like this will be my thesis. 1/3 Environmental Building Design, 2/3 historic preservation, which was the model that had been agreed upon for my thesis when I was granted the opportunity to pursue these degrees. What’s most exciting is to see people and professors from both departments exciting about the same topics and learning new things & methods never thought possible.

Anyway, more to come…


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